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Servizio Informatico, Web resources

This web page gives you access to web services provided by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità

These services may belong to many different categories and, usually, are available only to those who correctly finalize the login process.

Depending on the resource type selected, some particular technical requirements may be needed like, for instance, a specific plug-in, the activation of javascript or the connection of headphones. In the internal site pages specific technical advertisement/communication is provided each time an extra hardware or software is needed. A free access demonstration space is also foreseen to let you verify that your workstation actually fits the minimum hardware/software requirements.

With the exception of the discussed space, nobody is allowed to access the platform as a guest. Each user needs his/her own user name and password to access this site. In order to obtain user name and password the user must fill out the request in the prescribed web page. Note that user name and password are not sufficient to obtain site content access, also a web space specific keyword is required. This keyword is provided, on an individual basis, by ISS personnel.

A short guide describing the enrolment process completes this short documentation.

Per visualizzare questa pagina in Italiano, si utlizzi il menu a tendina mostrato nell'angolo in alto a destra di questa pagina web.

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